Sommelier knives

A classic French waiter’s knife, the Forge de Laguiole ® Sommelier knives are produced in collaboration with professional Sommeliers and thus gives it its ergonomics, elegance and efficiency. Opening a bottle of wine just gets that little bit classier when using the waiter’s knife from Forge de Laguiole.

Explore the range of Sommelier knives, made from precious woods, bone, horn and antlers.

The term ‘Laguiole’ refers to both a provenance and the style of a knife. They have their origin in the village of Laguiole – France, on a high plateau of volcanic and granitic rock, wild and proud, where the formidable history of these knives was born in 1828.

Every original Forge de Laguiole ® knife is stamped with their logo and every masterpiece bears the trace of the Master-Knifesmith that made it. The quality is an expression of the strength and beauty of our breath-taking environment.

The Laguiole Sommelier knife has now become a cult object, a design reference synonymous with art de vivre and French gastronomy.

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