DM04 David Mellor LONDON stainless

LONDON - David Mellor was no mere knife, fork and spoon stylist - he understood the behaviour of metals and the physics of tools and this is demonstrated brilliantly in this modernist design. This superb cutlery is beautifully sculpted - see the profile of the fork below - its subtleties accentuated by its special silky matt finish. Introduced in 2004.

David Mellor stainless steel cutlery sets are based on 7 piece place sets - items marked * in the price list below. All pieces are also available individually and sets can be varied to suit you.

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6 piece place set - table knife, table fork, soup spoon, dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon £78.00
7 piece place set - as above plus tea spoon £86.00
42 piece set - 6 x 7 piece place sets £515.00
56 piece set - 8 x 7 piece place sets £688.00
84 piece set - 12 x 7 piece place sets £1,030.00
Steak knives - set of 6, gift boxed £86.00

Individual items

Serving spoon £20.00
Table knife £13.20
Table fork £13.50
Soup spoon £12.80
Dessert knife £13.00
Dessert fork £13.00
Dessert spoon £12.50
Tea spoon £7.90
Fruit spoon £9.90
Steak knife £13.50
DM Universal cabinet, black stained oak, up to 8 place sets £125.00
DM Universal cabinet, oiled walnut, up to 8 place sets £125.00
DM04 David Mellor LONDON stainless-
DM04 David Mellor LONDON stainless-