Cutlery by Type

We are proud to present a wide choice of cutlery from the top brands in sterling silver, silver plate and stainless steel cutlery - Carrs Silver, Arthur Price, David Mellor, Robbe & Berking and our own Sheffield cutlery.

Traditionally, sterling silver is the finest material for cutlery, guaranteed to last a lifetime. It possesses inert properties that make it practical, and aesthetic qualities that make it the most desirable of table top accessories. We have a stunning collection of sterling silver and present an unrivalled choice of classic and contemporary sterling silver cutlery at the lowest prices in the UK.

Silver plated cutlery has a unique radiance and warmth and will give years of service. Over a period of time, silver plated cutlery will display the same aesthetically pleasing 'patina' characteristic of sterling silver cutlery. Our silver plated cutlery comes direct from the leading manufacturers, which is why our prices are so competitive.

Stainless steel cutlery is strong, highly resistant to staining, and abrasion, and the overwhelming choice for those who want practical, durable cutlery that will last a lifetime. It is the perfect medium for contemporary designs - and we have many traditional stainless designs too!