SHEFFIELD silver plated cutlery

When you want the best in cutlery that combines both historical reliability and modern-day precision, Sheffield cutlery is a world leader. With a history that stretches back to 1297, Sheffield cutlery is available in a wide range of designs with many uses. Sheffield cutlery history is rife with fascinating trends and changes in both the manufacturing and reception of this reliable tableware. At Lincoln House Cutlery, we ensure that we only provide the very best in Sheffield cutlery. Our Sheffield cutlery range consists of 26 beautiful designs so that you can choose the best for your table. With the option of both silver plate and stainless steel finishes, you know that you only getting the highest quality cutlery no matter your needs.

If you're looking to buy Sheffield cutlery, it’s worth understanding just why Sheffield became the hub for world-renowned cutlery products. Metalwork has always been a key industry in Sheffield, primarily due to the high availability of the local raw materials. With such an abundance of iron ore, coal, stone, and charcoal, as well as the many waterways that were able to power machinery, it’s no surprise that Sheffield became the leading manufacturer of cutlery, and was the location of many key developments in both metalwork and cutlery manufacturing. While the dominance of Sheffield cutlery took a downturn after American independence, it remains a renowned name in the world of cutlery.

At Lincoln House, our Sheffield cutlery is second to none and comes in a range of different sets or as individual pieces. This gives you the option of buying a complete set outright or building up a collection of the best Sheffield cutlery at your own pace.