Sterling Silver

A stunning collection of sterling silver cutlery designs direct from CARRS of Sheffield and ROBBE & BERKING - the UK and Europe's leading manufacturers of sterling silver cutlery. We present an unrivalled choice of classic and contemporary sterling silver cutlery at the lowest prices in the UK.

Traditionally, sterling silver is the finest material for cutlery, guaranteed to last a lifetime. Sterling silver is designed to be used. It possesses inert properties that make it practical, and aesthetic qualities that make it the most desirable of table top accessories. With regular use silver cutlery displays a most attractive 'patina' which is an optical effected, created by the multitude of very fine scratches that develop during normal use.

All the sterling silver we offer is beautifully crafted and finished to the highest quality standards, using traditional manufacturing and hand polishing methods. Our cutlery can be personalised with engraving or laser etching and we can make up sets to suit you.

All our sterling silver cutlery is dishwasher safe.