What’s in a set?

What’s in a set?

At Lincoln House, we sell different sized cutlery sets, but the number of pieces included can be confusing. Here, we try to simplify the numbers.

Most of our cutlery sets are made-up of 7-piece settings, comprising: table knife, table fork, dessert/side knife, dessert/side fork and dessert spoon, soup spoon and teaspoon.

Number of people Determines Set Size

The size of set can thus be determined by the number of place-settings you require.

  • For 6 people – Choose a 42-piece Set
  • For 8 people – Choose a 56-piece set
  • For 12 people – Choose an 84-piece set

Are serving spoons optional?

Serving spoons can be added as per your requirements – though you will often find these included in sets sold by other retailers.  We let you decide how many you want…or, you may not want any – so why pay for something you don’t need?

That said, we do sell a 124-piece set in most of our ranges – 84 pieces, PLUS 12 x coffee spoons, fish knives, fish forks, and 4 serving spoons.

Alternative sized cutlery sets for everyday

Also available are 4-piece sets, comprising: table knife, table fork, dessert spoon and teaspoon. This is a most practical option for every-day dining. Again, these come in different sizes: 16-pieces for 4 people; 24-pieces for 6; and 32-pieces for 8.

And then there’s the 5-piece USA setting, which contains the basics for one diner including a dinner spoon, dinner fork, dinner knife, salad fork and coffee/teaspoon. However, this set is only available in our Carrs range of silver plate and sterling silver.

Cutlery Sets to suit you

Additional eating and serving pieces are available in most ranges – steak knives, pastry forks, tea knives and forks, sauce spoons, soup ladles, salad servers etc. etc…

Whichever size of cutlery set you require, all our sets can be made up to suit your precise requirements and all our cutlery is sold individually, so that it can be collected over time, or lost pieces replaced.

Call us to discuss your requirements