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We present an unrivaled choice of sterling silver cutlery with over 50 stunning classic and contemporary designs, all at fantastic prices.

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Carrs Sterling Silver Cutlery

The Carrs sterling silver cutlery collection is the most beautiful and extensive collection of silver cutlery available in Britain today.

Robbe & Berking Sterling Silver Cutlery

Renowned for outstanding design and fine craftsmanship, many of Robbe & Berking Sterling Silver Cutlery designs are considered classical masterpieces of the silversmith’s art.

Martele cutlery, by Robbe & BerkingRiva cutlery, by Robbe & Berking

Your guide to Sterling Silver Cutlery

Queens Cutlery Table knife table fork dessert spoon, Carrs of SheffieldHermitage cutlery, by Robbe & BerkingSpaten cutlery, by Robbe & Berking

Fantastic choice

Lincoln House presents an unrivaled choice of classic and contemporary sterling silver cutlery at fantastic prices. Discover 50 stunning designs direct from Britain’s and Europe’s leading silversmiths. Carrs of Sheffield and world-renowned Robbe & Berking.

Accordingly, all the sterling silver cutlery we offer is beautifully crafted and finished to the highest quality standards. Every piece is created using traditional manufacturing and hand polishing methods.


Sterling silver has a minimum of 925 parts purity out of 1000, the remaining part being copper, which improves the malleability of the silver.

A silver hallmark denotes that each piece has been independently tested by one of the four official assay offices in the UK. Therefore you can be sure that it conforms to the legal standards of fineness or purity. Traditionally, sterling silver is the finest material for cutlery, guaranteed to last a lifetime. Accordingly, all our sterling silver cutlery is beautifully crafted and finished to the  highest quality, using traditional hand polishing methods.

Daily Use

Typically, silver is used to make the most valuable tableware – cutlery, flatware and holloware. The latter means drinking vessels, tea and coffee services etc. All these products need a visibly clean, attractive, strong and inert metal for contact with food and mouth. Silver remains the best and most durable choice.

Sterling silver cutlery is for daily use. Consequently, the best treatment for properly-made silver is constant use. As a result, silver takes on a patina from the myriad of scratches. This scatters the light that falls on its surface in all directions. Silver develops a depth of blue-black colour from the sanding, polishing and extensive preparation given to the best silverware and cutlery during production processes. The patina which develops from constant use enhances its appearance.

All sterling silver cutlery is dishwasher safe. Follow our cutlery care adivce.


Additionally, sterling silver lasts for generations, so start building your legacy now. All cutlery sets are available in different sized sets and as individual pieces. Therefore, it is collectable over time.

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Queens Cutlery Table knife table fork dessert spoon, Carrs of SheffieldHermitage cutlery, by Robbe & BerkingSpaten cutlery, by Robbe & Berking