Robbe & Berking

Founded in 1874, ROBBE & BERKING is a fifth-generation family company and is one of Germany’s most successful luxury brands. Europe’s largest manufacturer of silver cutlery and truly world-class handcrafted silver table accessories and gifts.

Unequivocally the most beautifully-made cutlery you can choose. All cutlery ranges are available in different sized sets and as individual pieces, giving you the option to build your collection over time.

Sterling Silver Cutlery

Renowned for outstanding design and fine craftsmanship, many ROBBE & BERKING sterling silver cutlery designs are considered classical masterpieces of the silversmith’s art and are exhibited in prestigious international collections.

The company guarantees the continued availability of the 22 designs shown in this collection until at least 2040, so the cutlery can be collected over time with the sure knowledge of continuity.

Sterling silver lasts for generations, so why not start building your legacy now? All cutlery sets are available in different sized sets and as individual pieces, giving you the opportunity to build your collection over time gradually.

Silver Plate Cutlery

ROBBE & BERKING silver plate cutlery has an incredible 60 Micron plate – making it the most durable and perfectly made silver plated cutlery you can buy! It is a worthy alternative to sterling silver at an attractive price.

The silver plating is three times heavier than the deposit you get on good quality conventional silver-plated cutlery and, as a result it, will last for generations, just like sterling silver.

Stainless steel cutlery

ROBBE & BERKING stainless steel cutlery is stunningly designed and beautifully made. The quality of stainless steel used is without equal in cutlery, and the molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel knife blades are unique to Robbe & Berking.

Perfect shape and balance, hollow handled knives, a meticulous standard of finish – all these features are strikingly evident in this stylish range.

Very few of our possessions outlast good cutlery – this stainless steel cutlery will give a full lifetime of service.

ROBBE & BERKING ‘Bar Collections’

Nothing reflects light like silver! The 3 bar collections from Robbe & Berking are proof of that.

The original stunning Martelé Bar Collection adds a touch of refinement to every drink and cocktail. Every item is silver plated and hammer-finished, by hand.

The Dante Bar Collection is lovingly crafted from the best ingredients – like the drink for which they were created.

The Belvedere drinking vessels resemble the cannelures of antique columns. Their simultaneously modern and fresh appearance gives them a very special character.


Dining habits are increasingly finding an informal new chic. The combination of elegance, sophistication and cosmopolitan style make THE BOX an absolute must-have that will set a highlight in any environment.

A true centre-piece with great radiance inside and, both when open and closed, a very contemporary design.

ROBBE & BERKING ‘Barbecue Collection’

The Robbe & Berking Barbecue Collection comprises sets available in either sterling silver or massive 60 micron silver plate. There is a carving knife and fork set with frozen black blade and prongs, as well as sets with 4 steak knives and 4 standard forks in the following designs: “Alt-Spaten” (“Old Fiddle”), “Martelé” and “Riva”.

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Childrens Cutlery

Designed for small hands


Make your pieces unique with bespoke embellishment, engraving or etching.

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