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    CUTLERY ROLLS for silver and silver plated cutlery

    CUTLERY ROLLS for silver and silver plated cutlery


    TARNISH INHIBITING CUTLERY ROLLS - two sizes,each holds up to 12 pieces of cutlery individually. No other means of storage protects sterling silver or silver plated cutlery more carefully. The rolls are made of a special felt that filters carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, thereby protecting the cutlery from atmospheric tarnish.

    For regularly used cutlery, we recommend that each roll is used to hold a place set, and you therefore bring the number you require to the table for laying. The rolls have a tie ribbon and can be rolled up. They are ideal for storing in a safe. Rolls work out as a less expensive storage system than all but the cheapest cabinets.

    The small cutlery roll holds 12 teaspoons, coffee spoons, fruit spoons and forks and other small pieces.

    The large rolls hold 12 table or dessert sized pieces, including fish eaters, steak knives etc., or a place set.
    12 small pieces, ie coffee spoons, fruit spoons £15.00
    12 table or dessert pieces £18.00
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