We present three stunning bar collections from world-renowned silversmiths, Robbe & Berking.

The drink ‘vessels’ from each bar collection offer a new pleasure experience. The high temperature conductivity of the silver ensures that each glass assumes the temperature of the drink.

The stunning Bar Collections from Robbe & Berking add a touch of refinement to every drink and cocktail. Every drink becomes a little work of art. Each beautiful piece of barware is lovingly crafted from the best ingredients – like the drink for which they were created.

There is the original ‘Martelé‘ Bar Collection – every piece of silver barware is hammer-finished by hand, which makes each one unique.

The pieces in the ‘Dante‘ Bar Collection offer a perfectly smooth surface. Every item is silver plated and there is the option of gold gilding inside the vessels, adding an extra touch of luxury.

And the latest Belvedere drinking vessels resemble the cannelures of antique columns. Their simultaneously modern and fresh appearance gives them a very special character.

A further advantage of silver is that it is shatterproof, unlike crystal or glass.

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